Thursday, September 30, 2010

Plato in the Twenty-First Century

The Newly Enlightened One thought about opening a coffee bar, but she didn't know how to spell cappuccino. Then she wanted to sell sun glasses on the streets of Midtown Metropolis, the kind Keanu Reeves wore in The Matrix. Or be a dog walker or grow bananas or possibly discover a meaningful use for recycled cassette tapes. The Newly Enlightened One wanted nothing more than to embrace her new-found freedom, her suddenly-expansive mind, to choke on the taste of illumination and feel it lodge and then dislodge in her throat. But she knew it was fruitless to dream these dreams, none of these possibilities would ever manifest themselves, would ever become the kind of reality she could now see all around her, and hear, and touch. For she, like so many before, had but one journey to take. She leaned against a tree, its bark nubby and bold, and let the sun soak into her cheek one last time. The darkness, oh the dark.